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Inebriart podcast

Mar 30, 2018

Jeff & Matt (and special guest cat) get back together to talk about stuff they like (Santa Clarita Diet), stuff they don't (Jeepers Creepers 3 & The Walking Dead), and upcoming movies.

Mar 26, 2018

On this week's episode Andy is Joined by Youtuber DM Scotty. They discuss the evolution of Dungeons and Dragons from "devil worship" to the main stream, favorite monsters, passing on the came to their kids, and of course crafting terrain for game play. 

Mar 19, 2018

Artist Caitlyn Myer of Paintlyn's and podcaster (and her fiancee) Jeff join Andy & Fish to talk about what they've been up to in the last year, her art family, and paying the cow!


Intro music is "String Anticipation" by Cory Gray.

Mar 12, 2018

John Morelli, Entertainment Director of the British Beer Company and Hollis Greene join Andy to talk about the Acoustic Lounge, an invite-only open mic night, and avoiding artistic brain drain in Plymouth.


Intro music is "String Anticipation" by Cory Gray.

Mar 5, 2018

Jim Curran talks about photographers having an artist's eye, second-wave punk,  and how cool places don't have gift shops.


Intro music is "String Anticipation" by Cory Gray.